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4 Benefits of Reusable Nursing Pads

There is no doubt that breastfeeding is an important aspect of motherhood. A mother’s milk has all the nutrients necessary to make the baby strong and healthy; so if you want your child to be robust and grow smart and fit, you really need to do breastfeeding. Unfortunately, for first-time mommies, breastfeeding their babies might still feel a bit awkward for them. But you need to know that this uneasy emotion is just normal, and all newbie moms are expected to feel that way. Luckily for us, there are now plenty of stuff that can help us when breastfeeding our babies, and one of that is the nursing pads.

Nursing pads let moms not to worry about getting their bra or shirt wet from breastmilk. They are absorbent pads that prevent leaking or seeping of the milk. There are two types of nursing pads – disposable and reusable. Among these two, reusable nursing pads are much preferred, and here’s the reason why:

It’s Eco-Friendly

Washable or reusable nursing pads help the save the Earth by not contributing to the already overflowing landfills (unlike disposable nursing pads). These products are undeniably eco-friendly, and they make the world more sustainable.

It’s Economical

Another reason why a washable nursing pad is preferred over the disposable one is because it is cheaper. With a reusable pad, you only need to purchase 5 or 10 pieces, and you can use that all throughout your breastfeeding journey. On the other hand, with a disposable pad, you’ll have to use more than five pieces in a day, so it’s definitely a waste of money.

It Keeps Infections and Chemicals at Bay

Disposable nursing pads are created using toxins and chemicals that can cause allergies and reactions on your breast. It can even let you feel uncomfortable. Disposable nursing pads can also trigger block ducts and infection, especially when you do not change it from time to time.

You Can Still Use It On Your Next Baby

When you take good care of your washable nursing pads, you certainly can still use them in your future feedings. So in the long run, you aren’t just helping save Mother Earth or keeping toxins at bay, but you are also saving money. Buy some reusable nursing pads today, and you can still use them with baby #2 or even baby #3.

For you to experience these four benefits we’ve mentioned above, purchase our organic bamboo nursing pads now!

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