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Childproofing Your Home – Easy Tips That You Can Follow

Part of becoming a parent is making sure that your home is child-friendly. With young toddlers being susceptible to trouble, it is really essential that you don’t just prepare yourself physically and mentally but to also refurbish your house and make it childproof. Today, to help you have a toddler-friendly residence, here are some tips that you might want to follow:

Preventing Falls

There are plenty of ways on how you can prevent your kid from falling:

  • Install safety gates on the entries to the stairs and balconies. Make sure also to supervise young children all the time whenever they are going down or up the stairs or if they want to hang out on the balcony.
  • Lock windows (especially upper-storey windows) or attach them with window guards so your toddlers won’t fall out.
  • Always pick toys and other stuff on the stairs; it might cause someone to trip up.
  • Check the balustrades and make sure that they are strong enough.

Avoiding Hazards

  • To stop your toddlers from eating small things that might cause them to choke, place everything that can be considered as choking hazards out of your child’s reach.
  • Keep medicines, household chemicals, and the first-aid kit in a locked cupboard.
  • To avoid furniture such as TV or lamps from toppling over your kids when they pull it, attach an anti-tip strap.
  • To secure cabinets or drawers and keep toddlers from opening them, attach a safety latch on them.

Electricity Safety

  • Ask an electrician to install safety switches; this can cut the power quickly preventing electrocution from happening.
  • Whenever there are electrical repairs need to be done in your house, make sure that the electrician is registered.
  • Use electrical outlet plug covers to stop kids from poking their fingers on the outlet.

To keep young kids from being safe from all harm, having a childproof home isn’t enough, you also need to supervise them and monitor what they are doing. Be alert all the time and don’t let your toddler get away from your sight.

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