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Aquazone- Aqua Magic Doodle Mat


Playtime is infinitely more fun on this magic mat

There is finally a mess-free solution to colorful drawing for your kids. Aquazone uses the power of magic to make brimming images without exposing your kids to unhealthy chemicals.

Fill the magic pen with water and start drawing on the specious mat. After 10 minutes everything will disappear so you can repeat an infinite amount of times.

There are infinite possibilities when paying with Aquazone. Make the floor an infinite canvas and put all your images into colorful lively forms.


Never stop creating- After 10 minutes everything drawn disappears! Aquazone is as infinite as your child’s imagination.

Colors without chemical- No ink is necessary, just water. With magic, the water turns into colorful imagery on the mat.

Big enough for everyone- Aquazone turns the living room’s floor into a colorful canvas. All the kids will have space to unleash their imagination.

Aquazone is the ultimate choice- What’s more fun than drawing on an infinite canvas? Forget the messy ink, Aquazone turns imagination into colorful drawings using only water.