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Anyen- Spice Storage Rack

$99.95 $59.95

The perfect way to organize the spices

It’s so easy to get what you want when our food dispenser is present in your kitchen. Anyen brings 6 compartments and all the organizing convenience you need in the kitchen.

Cereals, nuts, and spices are one push away from coming into your bowl without spilling. To save space, mount in on the wall using the strengthened adhesive stickers.

Anyen saves you from all the kitchen trouble when cooking or prepping breakfast for the kids. It doesn’t have to be messy any longer, choose Anyen and nothing will spill around the kitchen again.


No more spills- You won’t have to clean up after the kids when Anyen is in the house! Ensure a kitchen free from cereal messes.

Serve the right proportion- Push the button to always get the amount you need. Anyen makes it easy to serve even doses.

Tidy up the kitchen- With a dispenser to hold all the nuts, seeds and spices all in one place you’ll save space and bring it all to order.

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