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SpeedRex-T-Rex Speed Car


The Craziest Toy For Adventurous Kids

If your kid loves playing with giant monsters and fast cars, then look no further! SpeedRex is the biggest and badest playtime champion, a car that turns into a T-Rex dinosaur!

When it’s on SpeedRex moves fast and transforms out of nowhere, it emanates brimming lights and roaring sounds to assert itself as the apex playtime toy!

There isn’t a dull moment when SpeedRex is speeding through your house! What are you waiting for, our dino machine is ready to put a big lasting smile on your child’s face!


A speeding Apex predator- SpeedRex transforms from a high-speed race car into a T-Rex dinosaur from nowhere! The perfect toy for adventurous boys!

Every boy’s dream- A giant monster and a race car all in one make up for the best gift a kid can hope for! Seeing your boy’s joy will be unforgettable.

Sparkles the attention- When it’s on SpeedRex roars and flashes with bright colors while moving and transforming automatically!

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