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Washdoo-Childrens Play Sink (more options)

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Teach your kid hygiene in a fun way

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Washdoo is the toy set every upcoming adult needs to play with! Working as a real sink, our playset can teach your kids the importance of good hygiene and how to wash the dishes!

The tap pumps out water just like the one in the kitchen to let your kids play with the circulating water and use the many props for practice, roleplay, or outside the sink!

When learning through it, you can easily teach your kids how to wash their hands, clean the food before they eat it, and clean after themselves all in a few hours during playtime!

Why Washdoo is for you

Learn the chores- Show your kids how fun washing the dishes can be, let them learn to do the chores as they play with the water!

Instill good habits- Getting your kids to wash their hands is never easy, teach them the importance of good hygiene in a way they’ll understand!

Satisfy their curiosity- You don’t have to let them mess up your kitchen, give them a sink of their own where they can do anything!

Washdoo is the ultimate choice- Let your children experience washing the dishes as a game and they will never see it as a chore in the future!

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