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BabyMagic - Mess Free Imprints


Get Amazing Baby Prints Without The Mess!

Freeze those magical moments in time! With BabyMagic you can get their handprints, footprints, etc all without dealing with the mess and headache that comes with traditional ink methods!

For the first time ever you can now great all those precious memories without all those traumatic cleanups.. a baby with ink all over their hand's feet... Can you imagine!?! That’s a hard pass lol!

BabyMagic is the perfect tool for first-time moms, as well as veteran moms.. if you’ve ever tried to get a baby's prints quickly or easily it is NOT a thing... but now it is.. you’re welcome!

Worried about cleaning? Don’t be! It's 100% mess and ink-free... simply press their hands on the pad and watch as they come back perfectly crystal clean.. at least for the next couple of minutes ;)

So if you’re looking for a mess-free way to get baby treasures, or you’re just looking for a great gift idea, grab BabyMagic and say goodbye to the mess and say hello to perfect baby imprints!


Capture Those Precious Moments - Get all of those amazing baby memories and cement them in time with BabyMagic your ink-free / mess-free solution to capturing those precious moments!

No Ink Mess To Deal With! - Say it with me moms, NO MORE MESS! Hurray! You can do you happy dance, there is no ink no mess no problems, just smiles, and adorable baby scrapbook memories!

Makes a Great Gift Idea - This mess imprint kit makes a great gift for anyone with a newborn baby or someone who is expecting! Give them this super fun, super nostalgic gift.. they will love it!

The BabyMagic Guarantee - If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we'll be happy to review any related issues.