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Flake Pops - Silicone Ice Cream Mold

$29.99 $19.99

Making popsicles has never been this fun

What is summer without a refreshing popsicle? And what is better than homemade popsicles straight from the freezer made with a family recipe.

Flake Pops are the best molders you’ll find! Making deliciously shaped frozen treats has never been this simple, all you have to do is wait for the popsicles to freeze!

You can even bake small treats in the molders, you haven’t seen this much versatility and practicality in one simple molder! Flake Pops make the best summer snacks!


Delicious looking shapes- Pick your favorite shape and then eat it! Taste goes up with the look, that’s why Flake Pops are so good!

For baked or frozen treats- Throw Flake Pops in the oven for delicious cakesicles or freeze it to create the best popsicles yet!

Easy ice cream making- The molds and holds make the process way easier than other options. Your popsicles will look better than the ones in the store!

Flake Pops is the ultimate choice- One molder is all you need to create baked or frozen treats with detail. Create the tastiest popsicles with minimal work.

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