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Bamboo & Linen Sling Baby Carrier


Create The Perfect Nourishing Experience With Your Baby

Our Soft Bamboo & Linen Fabric Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier holds your baby tightly to your chest for your baby to feel the warmth of your love. You can nourish your baby wherever you go with it.

The high-quality cotton is soothing to the touch and wraps around neatly to offer a healthy holding position. You and your child will feel the comfort when wearing it.

This amazing carrier creates bonding memories that will last forever. Carrying your child has never been this comfortable and intimate before.


The ultimate bonding experience- There is no better feeling than feeling the heartbeat of your child. Now wrap your baby in a loving embrace.

The best carrying position- It holds babies just like a mother’s womb. Only this position doesn’t intervene in physical development.

Comfortable for both sides- The soft and breathable fabric can be easily adjustable to your needs. The weight is distributed evenly for perfect comfort.

Why is it for you?- There is not safer baby carrier out there. Your intimate moments will be comfortable and heartfelt.