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Stylish Headband


Our Bow Tie eadband is a must have for your little baby girl!


The Hair Bow Cotton Headband is so soft that babies won't even realize they are wearing it! Great hair accessories! This washable headband is easy to clean and store away. Just gently hand-wash it with warm water and mild soap and allow it to air dry.


The light Breathable Nylon material keeps your little child cool in the summer, such as your baby won’t feel too hot when wearing the headband.

Help protect the soft, sensitive skin of your child, thereby giving your baby the safest and warmest care. Whether your baby is resting in their cradle or crawling around the house, our Bow Tie Headband will keep her hair safely away from her face making ideal for use at home, picnic, traveling, baths, pool trips and more.


  • Material: NYLON, Polyester
  • Design Type: Smooth