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Tourmaline Self-Heating Magnetic Socks For Moms


 Tired after a long day looking after the kids and the family? Sore feet from running all sorts of errands and no time to rest?

  • FIR Tourmaline Magnetic Socks emits far infrared radiation and generates heat throughout the body. 

    The Socks are made of premium aluminized threads that are woven into a breathable, super soft knit fabric, with a conductive fabric technology which uses your body heat efficiently, and minimizes sweat and moisture so that your feet stay warm, dry and cozy no matter what the weather conditions are.

    Improves blood circulation and reduces legs swelling.

    Restores the perfect leg shape overnight.

    Releases magnetic waves from nerve endings of the foot to the whole body, which helps to alleviate foot pain and tension.

    Absorbs all the odor-causing compounds that cause an unpleasant smell.


  • Package Includes: 1 PAIR x FIR Tourmaline Magnetic Socks

  • Material: Tourmaline, Polyester Cotton

  • Color: Black



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